About Us

About Us


The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is a non-profit, non-political organization that conducts agricultural research for development in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with a wide array of partners throughout the world. Covering 6.5 million square kilometres of land in 55 countries, the semi-arid or dryland tropics has over 2 billion people, and 644 million of these are the poorest of the poor.

ICRISAT and its partners help empower these poor people to overcome poverty, hunger and a degraded environment through better agriculture.

ICRISAT is a member of the CGIAR Consortium and works through a strategy called Inclusive Market-Oriented Development (IMOD) – harnessing markets while focusing on ensuring smallholder farmers’ benefit.

Agribusiness and Innovation Platform (AIP)

Agribusiness and Innovation Platform (AIP) is an initiative of ICRISAT to enhance its public-private partnerships (PPP) as a model for fostering agro-business to bring R4D innovations of ICRISAT and its partners to the market for faster, wider-scale impact. AIP provides prototype innovations, knowledge and expertise, training and co-location with researchers for close interaction; while the entrepreneurs fine-tune the prototypes and take them to market, including bearing the risks and reaping the rewards involved.
AIP helps agribusiness to significantly increase the resilience of tropical dryland smallholder farming through innovations that stabilize, safeguard and enhance livelihood capital (natural, social, human, physical and financial), biological & systems diversity and land health. AIP is in line with ICRISAT’s unifying conceptual framework of Inclusive Market-Oriented Development or IMOD as one of the Critical Focus Areas (CFAs) on “fostering agro-enterprise”.
AIP includes three programs; Agri-Business Incubation (ABI), Innovation and Partnership (INP) and NutriPlus Knowledge (NPK).

Our Vision

Enhancing agricultural development through entrepreneurship, innovation and partnerships

Our Mision

To create, leverage and aggregate programs and services to promote agribusiness and enhance partnership through entrepreneurship development, innovation and value addition for accelerated agricultural growth.

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